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The Call...Isaiah 61 v 1-4

During the Holy Spirit Renewal Movement of the 60’s – 80’s, Frank and I were radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the late 70’s.  


Frank was a psychologist and I was a professional counselor but when we discovered the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the hearts and minds of broken people…we were all in. 


The Holy Spirit taught us to integrate the knowledge we had in Developmental Psychology (i.e. Child Development and Human Development) with Inner Healing revelation to create a practical model for healing and restoration.  The mandate was not another counseling model …but a discipling model for healing and freedom that could transform a person and empower them to become all they were created to be to fulfill the destiny they were created for.   


We experienced the healing and restoration in our own lives and in our family…that is an ongoing adventure. 


We ministered in local churches and prayer meetings and served everywhere the Lord directed us.  We often ministered to missionaries on furlough from the field who were wounded from the intensity of the battle  and needing to be healed and restored.



Dunamis...the beginning of an adventure

In 1985 the Lord directed us to found the ministry and when we asked Him what to name it…He named it Dunamis …meaning “miracle working power of God” .  We realized the Holy Spirit was calling us to continue the ministry of Jesus and it has been a humbling …amazing …”knock your socks off” experience we have lived with the Lord these past 25 + years together and I continue to live with the Lord.


The Lord called us to disciple the nations and through steps of radical obedience…we have ministered in 40 nations on 5 continents.   


We have witnessed signs …wonders and miracles everywhere the Lord sent us to minister in His name and the power of the Holy Spirit. 


We did not follow a path of writing a book, becoming famous and being invited to minister. 


The Lord birthed this international ministry as we took steps of radical obedience.   


I want to encourage young people and people “young at heart”… serve where you are with all your heart and the Lord will promote you as you take your steps of obedience to the Lord.  Be faithful in the little things  and He will entrust you with greater things.  You can live the dream God placed in your heart too. 

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