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  • Understand God’s Plan for Human Development

  • Discover the roots of your problems in childhood

  • Experience healing and freedom through the ministry of the Holy Spirit

  • Be restored to become all that God created you to be

  • Break through to your God-given destiny


Life can seem like a paradox at times.  Many of us are troubled by our behaviors, attitudes and shortcomings and wonder why we are the way we are.  We are frustrated and discouraged when our best efforts to change often fail.  The problem is we are not getting to the cause of our struggles, often rooted in infancy and childhood.  Our past is ever present.  The whole of our life is influenced by what has gone before. 


Who we are today is a composite of our total life experience from conception.  If you are not secure in your true identity, becoming all Father God created you to be and consciously living His purpose for your life, something has gone wrong.


The good news is there is hope.  We can become all that the Father created us to be.   As we understand the Father’s plan for our personal development and realize the childhood wounds and unmet needs in our life, we can ask Jesus to walk with us through those times and experience His revealed presence that heals us and sets us free.  Free to begin our journey to wholeness and restoration as we continue in our relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


The ultimate purpose of this seminar is to learn how to receive what you need to become all that you were meant to be.  The teaching and ministry provide significant keys for growing and maturing into your destiny, the plan God has for your life.   





Never have the challenges been greater for educators who have a heart for children and a desire to make a difference in their lives. Teachers are indisputably among the most influential parenting adults in the life experience of children. How then shall we effectively educate the future leaders of this troubled world to become all they were meant to be. A holistic approach is essential to success.


The seminar will explore:


  • Implementing a developmental approach to education

  • Understanding the child’s developmental needs and effective responses to support their maturing process.

  • Promoting healthy personality development, integrating developmentally appropriate educational processes


Growing up today can be difficult and complicated for a child. The stresses in family life and society are real. Through the eyes of the child, our perspective takes on a whole different dimension. Armed with this understanding, and keys for life giving intervention we can begin to reach the hearts of children and make a great difference in their lives. 










Leadership is a gift of the Spirit. The challenge to those called is to lead diligently.


  • Embracing the call

  • Avoid the pitfalls of control

  • Learn to lead others developmentally into greater maturity and effectiveness in the gifts and calling in their lives

  • Discern the counterfeit, destructive life positions and walk in the redemptive life position you were created to live

  • Encouraging life giving relationships

  • Communicate truth in love effectively



The teen years are a challenge and a great adventure.  Understanding the teen years and how to navigate through the ups and downs and come to an adolescent resolution prepared to move forward into adult life is the focus. 


Themes include:


  • Recycling and integrating unresolved issues from earlier development

  • Incorporating relationship skills

  • Learning the balance of responsibilities and relationship

  • Taking personal responsibility for your life

  • Developing and maturing in skills and talents to contribute to society

  • Healing the wounds from this journey through the teen years and being restored is the ultimate goal




"In this world you will have trouble ..."  John 16:33


Those who have suffered loss or trauma know the truth of these words.


Loss comes in many forms:


Death of a spouse or child

Death of a mother, father or other close relative

Death of a close friend








Loss hurts...grief hurts intensely.   Every loss brings grief in some measure.  Learning how to work through it in a real life way is critical to overcoming long term destructive effects it can have in your life.  Grief cannot be ignored,  dismissed or denied, it is real and must be confronted and worked through.


Trauma is sudden unexpected tragedy of any kind, often followed by shock that takes time to work through. 

Grief and trauma require a deeply personal journey to healing and restoration.   You are not alone…join us to share a part of the journey together and experience a deep and personal healing touch from the Lord.

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