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Yesterday I prayed about the 6-18 month stage. I had a picture of when I was a baby. I was in a crib and my parents didn’t pay attention to me.


During that time I really wanted to explore but I didn’t have a chance.


Then I invited Jesus to come, He took me out of the crib and he brought me to another place and gave me a lot of toys and gave me a lot of space to explore. He kept telling me, “ You don’t need to be afraid because you are precious and I love you.”


It’s really special because I don’t have any confidence and every time I do new things I feel scared and uncomfortable. But in the picture, Jesus showed me that I don’t need to be afraid and that I can do anything because He is with me. 






I find it very hard to express myself and I don't like to think too much. 


The Lord showed me that when I was in my mother’s womb, my mum was having a sonogram. I could hear her saying that if it is not a boy she will decide to not have me. I was really afraid, I wanted to express myself but I couldn’t say anything.


But in the picture Jesus came and said,


“I belong to Him and I will give you the ability to think. You don’t need to be afraid because I will listen to you, you can say what ever you like.”


Thank you Jesus, I will walk that out now and express myself more. 

Last year is the first time I went through healing in the womb. But these few days have been more complete.


I started this healing in the womb when I realised I had terminal liver cancer last year. Last April the doctor told me I only had a few months left and the cancer had spread.


During prayer I saw myself as a newborn baby in the arms of my heavenly father.


During this cancer period, I didn't suffer much and I could always feel that I am like a baby in my father’s arm and I felt very safe.


In September someone laid hands on me and in October the report came back and it said the cancer had disappeared.

The Holy Spirit showed me that I always think for my mum and I carried her pain, but I didn’t know I did this. I did it so much that I would run away from the relationship with my father to defend my mum.


The Holy Spirit showed me that when I was in my mother’s womb, she felt unworthy to have me because she had a miscarriage prior to conceiving me.


Jesus invited me to release my mum and give her to Him. So I did, I asked mum to forgive me for carrying the pain that I wasn’t meant to carry.


Then my lungs opened up and it was if I could breathe so much more than I could before.



When we get set free, our response is to worship. This song was written by a teenager from Holland. It is his thanks to The Lord for his healing and restoration. You can listen here......

All my life, I’ve had a lot of fear and when I feel fearful I think about death. Even though I have already received a lot of prayer, I still easily feel afraid.


Yesterday when we were talking about womb issues, this fear came up again.


But the lord has set me free from it! 

The lord showed me clearly yesterday that the fear doesn’t come from myself but from my mother.


The Lord uprooted it completely yesterday. He said to me, I don’t need to be afraid and he won’t tell me off, He doesn’t blame me. He personally created me with his own hands and he said to me that me that, “You have a purpose in this life and He will accomplish it”. 

I used to have a lot of irrational fear. During the time of sharing on insecurities and fear during the womb stage, the Holy Spirit showed me that my mum had a lot of nightmares and I received a lot of fears from her.


He showed me that when my mum felt afraid, she went to idols and tried to ask for peace for me.


Then Jesus came and laid hands on my mother’s tummy and He said blessings over me. He said that I am very safe and that He will look after my life. I felt very peaceful and secure.


I used to get very afraid when I was ill. 

But yesterday when I was ill, I felt Jesus was with me and I felt the peace again and I was not afraid. These irrational fears seem to have left. 



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